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The legal studio “KUSHE” is founded from Adv. Prof. Doc. Muharrem Kushe in April 1994, being the one of the first law firm in the Republic of Albania, after the fall of the totalitarian system. The founder of Legal Studio “Kushe”, Adv. Prof. Doc. Muharrem Kushe, is with a valuable career in Albanian judicial system. He has given a significant contribution in all levels of the Albanian judicial system, as a judge and leader but also as a lecture and leader in the field of teaching. During the years, the Legal Studio “KUSHE”, has created a professional staff and a qualified associates, specialized in different fields of law, consolidating the work and its title in the Republic of Albania and in other countries.

In the Legal Studio “Kushe” have given their contribution:

Avd. Syrja Dosti
Avd. Nikolla Rica
Avd. Enver Qafmolla
Avd. Agim Sulce
Avd. Bledar Fejzo
Avd. Emiliano Braho
Avd. Sokol Robo
Avd. Vojo Bregu
Notere. Joana Kushe
Avd. Arber Kushe
Avd. Fiona Tako
Avd. Besmir Nanushi
Avd. Elsona Lumani
Avd.Enea Radici
Avd. Alma Halili

Near this studio have been employed a large number of Assistant Attorney, who today are lawyers, or other important duties, in public and private institutions.