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Prof.Doc.Adv. Muharrem Kushe - born on 08.12.1951, graduated in the University of Tirana, Justice Department in 1978. Prof. Kushe has performed several important functions in the Albanian judicial system:
September 1978 – December 1982 – Deputy Chairman of Gjirokastra District Court
December 1982 – May 1992 - Member of Supreme Court of Albania Republic
May 1992 - April 1993 – Deputy Chairman of the Judicial District Court of Tirana
Aprill 1993 – March 1994 - As Judge at Tirana Appeal Court
March 1994 – September 1997 – Owner of Legal Studio “Kushe”
September 1997 – November 2005 – Head of Tirana Appeal Court
October 1998 – October 2003 – Head of Tirana Appeal Court and Member of the High Council of Justice
September 2008 – September 2011 – Dean of the Faculty of Law at the American University of Tirana.
November 2005 and thereafter - After the resignation from the position of Chairman of Appeals in Tirana, restarts the activity such as Owner of Legal Studio “Kushe”.
In 1993 has received scientific degree "Candidate of Sciences”
In 1999 has received the scientific degree “Doctor of Science” with the theme “The role of criminal process defense” and has prepared several scientific work, various articles in legal journals, has been the leader of students scientific works at Magistrates School like Opponent and Leader, in the dissertations of employees in justice (judge, prosecutor ) looking for titles and and scientific degree.
In 2000 has received the Professor title from University “STATE OF NEW MEXICO”
Also Prof. Kushe has given its contribution to the academic field, being Dean of the Faculty of Law at the American University of Tirana and professor of criminal law and criminal procedural law, in some Albanian universities.

Avd. Elsona Lumani
- Gratuated in 2010 at “Justiniani I” University with excellent results. Adv. Lumani has a successful experience as a lawyer. Before coming at the studio she has practiced Jursites in a commercial company. From February 2012 she has practicing Lawyer at Legal Studio “Kushe”, being specialized in family law, in the labor and administrative law.



Notere. Joana Kushe – Ne ambientet e Studios Ligjore “Kushe” ushtrohet dhe aktiviteti Noterise, perfaqesuar nga Notere Joana M. Kushe, e cila ka ushtruar profesionin e Avokates, rreth 7 vjet prane kesaj Studioje, per konfliktet civile dhe administrative. Eshte njohese e legjislacionit civil, administrativ, tregetar dhe familjar, zoteron shume mire gjuhen Angleze dhe Italiane.


Avd. Besmir Nanushi- Gratuated in 2010 at “Justiniani I” University, Adv. Nanushi exercises the advocate activity in Legal Studio “Kushe” since 2011, being specialized in the field of criminal law. During this period has been successful in its activities as a defense in criminal proceedings.



Avd. Fiona Tako – Gratuated in 2009 at University “La Sapienza” in Roma, Italy. Exercises the advocate activity in Legal Studio “Kushe” since 2010. Currently conducts Doctoral Studies at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", being specialized in International Comparison Law. For this purpose she has taken part in conferences, seminars and various trainings in Italy and other European countries. Adv. Tako covers the sectors of civil law, commercial law and administrative law. It is specialized on commercial companies, compiles and edits their acts of foundation, adapting them to the Albanian legislation and to the European Union countries.