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Legal Consultancy

Legal Studio “KUSHE” , has defined the areas in which its associates perform their activity:

Criminal Branch: Prof.Doc. Adv. Muharrem Kushe, Adv. Besmir Nanushi, Adv. Enea Radiçi
Civil Branch : Prof.Doc. Adv. Muharrem Kushe, Adv. Alma Halili
In the administrative field: Prof.Doc.Adv. Muharrem Kushe, Adv. Fiona Tako
In the family branch and work right: Prof.Doc.Adv.Muharrem Kushe, Adv. Elsona Lumani.
The preparations of materials, memos, Lawsuits Request, Appeal Request, Recourses, Requests in the Constitutional Court, and the application for the Strasbourg Court, are prepared under the auspices of Studio Director, Prof. Doc. Muharrem Kushe.

Representation and protection activity consists on:

• Depth knowledge and juridical consultancy in the field of civil legislation, criminal, administrative, Labor, Customs, banking and fiscal .
• Preparation of acts for Commercial Companies and their registration in N.R.C, committing other actions in the Tax Authorities, for Albanian and foreign company.
• Juridical services, consultations on specific issues with the clients, for criminal, civil, administrative, familiar issues etc. Preparation and documents deposits of commercial companies registered as entities of Albanian or foreign law, for changes of administrators, of partners, change of capital, transfer of quotas, change of the statute, accounting expert, dissolution of the partnership and liquidation;
• Consultation with the clients and preparation of the necessary documentation to resolve the issue in administrative way, under commercial law or the preparation of the petition for the resolution of conflicts in the court;
• Legal protection and a special representation and in general before all levels of the judicial process.
• Monitoring the procedures necessary for the execution of executive titles close to Bailiff Offices, until the full execution of the obligation.
• Assistance and representation in all administrative disputes. Representation frontward the public administration organs and solution of all types of conflicts with the state in an optimal way.
• Legal protection and representation, in issue addressed to the Constitutional Court.
• Etc.

Legal Studio “KUSHE”, in any case keep the professional confidentiality and doesn’t make public the information, for which it is get informed during the performance of the above services.

Since its foundation, Legal Studio “KUSHE”, has maintained a high professional level, having an satisfactory success quotient represented in a judicial or administrative way.

One of the basic principles of Studio activity is to maintain the relations of reciprocal confidence with the client, exercising with responsibilities and rigorously the duties born due to the activity, and the confidentiality and professional secrecy.

In Legal Studio “Kushe” the customers find the required hospitality, the appropriate legal information and a way to solve it.

After receiving the necessary information, when the right claimed by the client is not legal, Legal Studio “Kushe” doesn’t assume any protection and representation in civil conflicts, familiar etc, with the exception of defense in the criminal process, in which protection is necessary and is successful inside the legal space.